In a continuing series of "Made for City Songs," city songmeister Donny Stew has cooked up a raucous blend of Hard Country Rock & Blues." Taking a page from the great guitar slingers of yesteryear, the Stew opens with his signature guitar riff that lights the fuse for his power trios momentous stomp.

We toured St Louis after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the band's Greenwich village NYC studio below the Westbeth theatre. We took off for Chicago then headed down to St Louis following the sun all the way. "I was in awe of the Arch and couldn't stop videoing and taking pictures of it.

For the next 48 hrs we toured the city. First up was the Budweiser brewery (it was awesome) we had the free beers at the end and got to choose from the whole lineup of products. It was fresh and tasty. And we got to see behind the scenes with the Clydesdales... (hilarious.)

Later, we went on a pub crawl and visited the other breweries around town. Man do I love St. Louis. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is laid back at the the Drury hotel right by my beloved Arch.

The Arch was like close encounters for me. We went up the cool elevator compartments up to the top of the arch which is like a spaceship. Once up their you can stay as long as you like. That's where I got all the cool shots you see over the city in this St Louis Brew video.

When we got out we went under the arch to the massive museum below that was also very entertaining. You get to see how America grew into what it became starting from St. Louis with Lewis & Clark. St Louis truly is the "Gateway to the West."

So sit back and enjoy my St Louis Brew song. Hold on to your hat and don't drink and drive.

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