Welcome to the Donny Stew City Songs Media Page. Here you'll find all the world premier's of my (27 and counting) new original "City Songs"   that I'll be releasing as singles  on i-tunes, amazon, and other distributors throughout the year.

1- "La Llorona  - Ghost Of Santa Fe"
2- "Texas Big"
3-,"59 Miles to Jacksonville," 

So enjoy the work and I hope to visit each city and throw a very special "City Song Party" at my first live performance of each song.

See you real soon!!!

This song happened well....59 Miles to Jacksonville right on I-95. We were driving all night and it got to be early morning and man it was absolutely beautiful. I saw the 59 Miles To Jacksonville sign and we got out an old baggie tore it up and started writing the song. When I got home I went right into the studio set up some mics and my guitar and laid it down right then and there ...1 take . I tried it again but it wasn't anywhere near as good as the first take. Brought the song to the band we rehearsed and it recorded it.

Later, I got some friends from Dylan & Springsteen's band to do the pedal steel and fiddle and here it is... The song over the years has been played in many TV and film shows (including Drew BarryMore's film "Whip it." It's been played all over the world from Europe thru Asia. But I never performed it live and well... I can't wait till I can bring my band to Jacksonville throw a big party for the city and play it for the first time..... I'm sure it will be kickin'...

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